Introducing Thynk Active

Retail needs an “Experience Transformation” that directs a “Digital Transformation”, not the other way around.

Retailers and Brands need to get ahead of the consumer and her expectations instead of just reacting to them.  They need to lead the transformation for their specific business versus reacting to the general industry drivers created by others.  Whether they are leading or reacting however, they all need to take ACTION and move FASTER.

At Thynk Active we create value by helping retailers focus on what is important to their business by helping them address innovation obstacles with their legacy systems.  We help them put together technology roadmaps and select solutions that fix the underlying “plumbing problems” of a typical retail business caused by legacy solutions that were never designed to support today’s opportunities.

We are specifically focused on helping them develop AGILE transaction capabilities specific to their business. We take their vision and help them select the right solutions to support it. 

Fixing the plumbing isn’t sexy, but it is necessary, and it empowers the business to try new things and focus on what is possible.

Our vision aligns with a quote I picked up from a very well-known retail visionary.  “It is time for the checkout process to fade into the background of a great overall shopping experience”.   We work with retailers to facilitate that.  

If this sounds like where you want to be, let us help.  We will be happy to connect at the NRF or after the show.