Today’s shopper expects the world. Now. And it all comes down to the moment of truth in the customer journey: the purchase. That’s why we deliver all the consulting services you need to deliver on your brand’s promise – in-store, online, in the home, or anywhere else.

Focused and Independent

Our consultants stay ahead of the curve on innovation in technology and customer experience – but without getting side-tracked with in-house studies and surveys. All our efforts go into helping clients achieve success.

When it comes to choices, we’re extremely familiar with all the available vendor solutions, but entirely independent. So that our clients get to make unbiased choices.

It’s all about what’s right for your unique situation and needs.

The Thynk Active Promise
Here’s what we’ll deliver through our range of consulting services:
Systems Strategy: Guide clients through a process proven to identify the best path forward to unified commerce for the client’s unique situation and goals.
Road-mapping: Bring strategy into the planning stage, providing clients with a solid framework built around clearly attainable milestones.
Selection: Match client requirements with optimal solutions to maximize immediate success and future flexibility.
Integration: Manage every aspect of client integration needs with a unique combination of project mastery and technical expertise.
Implementation: Implement solutions through a perfect balance of rapid progress and diligent project governance.
Continuous engagement is not only a model for today’s retail customer, it’s Thynk Active’s way of partnering with you as well. Please reach out and let us know what you need.