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At ThynkActive, we harness change. We dive deep into legacy systems, and figure out a permanent, fix. We build on your systems so it absorbs emerging technology today, next year and beyond.

ThynkActive is a full-service technology outfit. We design your business processes and build a technology plan. We implement the plan, integrating your technology investments through our professional services team. And we take each use case as input into our lab, where we build platforms for the future.

We’ll keep you one step ahead in retail technology. And in your business.

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To better manage your response to the evolving expectations of your customer, you need to ThynkActive. Decision makers rely on ThynkActive to help them achieve results through game-changing engagements including systems strategy, road-mapping, solution selection, integration, and implementation.


Retail Innovation. Curated.

Today’s consumer has so many choices from where and from whom to invest not only their retail dollars, but their valuable time. Because of this, retailers need to create customer experiences that are more a journey than a simple transaction. With ThynkSpace we share innovative strategies and solutions that help our clients stay ahead of not only their competitors, but more importantly their customer’s expectations. Because we have no financial affiliation with technology solutions, we are able to provide independent industry best practices and strategies.

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The ThynkActive team combines retail leadership experience with leading-edge consulting skills to provide the ultimate balance of cost-effectiveness and results. Our consultants are independent of ties to specific technology solutions or partners. Hence we give unbiased advise when helping you identify the next steps in improving your customer’s journey.

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