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Retail needs an “Experience Transformation” that directs a “Digital Transformation”, not the other way around.

Retailers and Brands need to get ahead of the consumer and her expectations instead of just reacting to them. They need to lead the transformation for their specific business versus reacting to the general industry drivers created by others. Whether they are leading or reacting however, they all need to take ACTION and move FASTER.

At ThynkActive we create value by helping retailers focus on what is important to their business by helping them address innovation obstacles with their systems. We help them put together technology roadmaps and select solutions that fix the underlying problems of a typical retail business caused by solutions that were never designed to support today’s opportunities.

ThynkActive Range of Consulting Services

Here’s what we deliver through our range of consulting services:

Systems Strategy:

Guide clients through a process proven to identify the best path forward to unified commerce for the client’s unique situation and goals. Activities may include:


Bring strategy into the planning stage, providing clients with a solid framework built around clearly attainable milestones. Activities may include:


Match client requirements with optimal solutions to maximize immediate success and future flexibility. Activities may include:


Manage every aspect of client integration needs with a unique combination of project mastery and technical expertise. Activities may include:


Implement solutions through a perfect balance of rapid progress and diligent project governance. Activities may include:

Continuous engagement is not only a model for today’s retail customer, it’s ThynkActive’s way of partnering with you as well. Please reach out and let us know what you need.

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